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Leader in granulated slag production


Full range of corrosion protection facility
Own production, wide technical base and prompt delivery for any production tasks
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Uralgrit Educational Center

training of specialists of the AKZ
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Operational supplies of materials and equipment to AKZ
Shipment in the Russian Federation and the CIS
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For more than 25 years the products of Uralgrit LLC have been successfully used by most enterprises in Russia and abroad in the field of:

 » industrial and civil engineering

 » ship repair and shipbuilding

 » oil, gas and metallurgical industries.

The main components of our success are a powerful production base with modern technological equipment, as well as a wide network of representative offices, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries of any product volumes to anywhere in the world.

The Uralgrit group of companies is a leader in the anti-corrosion protection industry and is famous for the uninterrupted production and prompt shipment.


Rail transportation services:

»Paying rates for the car-mileage throughout Russia and abroad;

»Supplying the required number of cars to the railway station;

»Organizing the car passage along non-public railways at the stations Rezh of the Sverdlovsk railway and Pyrite of the South Ural railway;

»Making a sketch or drawing of the loading, as agreed with the Customer, as well as coordination of these drawings with Russian Railways;

»Processing documents necessary for the departure and / or forwarding of cargo by the Carrier and their presentation to the appropriate authorities (applications for transportation, sets of transportation documents, certificates, etc.);

»Supervisory control over the car movement;

»Entering information on behalf of the shipper into the database of the AS ETRAN system of the Russian Railways;

»Using digital signature on behalf of the shipper in documents related to the cargo carriage;

» Cargo insurance.





Road transportation services:

»Cargo insurance at the time of transportation;

»Providing the most appropriate rolling stock and freight charge;

»Ensuring the cargo delivery at the agreed time and destination to the consignee ...